Windshield Washer Fluid Set

Windshield Washer Fluid Set 25L.

Sparkling Wiper Tabs + Z-Can.




Main advantages:

  • Compactness

  • Universality

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Easy to Store
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Of course, we should not forget about the environmental factors. While buying auto chemistry already dissolved in water, you stimulate its producers to make huge amount of plastic containers, which as you know aren’t subject to degradation.


Auto chemistry in tablets is a smart alternative for liquid auto chemistry as it guarantees saving your money on liters.


Auto chemistry in tablets is a unique solution for those who aren’t willing to pay extra for products’ transportation and its storage, and want to get quality auto chemistry for a reasonable price.

Everything you need to do is just to dissolve a washing tablet in normal tap water, which will give you 5 liters of windshield wiper.

Volume reduction increases the effectiveness of cleaning. After an insertion a tablet sparkles and bubbles to dissolve, leaving the container filled with beautiful blue fluid.

The concentrated substance dissolves fully without leaving any sediment in your container. Moreover, non-dissolved auto chemistry in the form of tablets can be kept and stored for much longer than in original liquid form.


Additional use. It is suitable for manual and mechanical car wash and garden furniture cleaning. Add 1 tablet per a bucket of water.



Designed for mixing and storing various fluids, antifreeze, gasoline, motor oil, etc. Chemically resistant. Has a wide neck, which is convenient for filling the container and making tablets SABTAB.

During the filling of Z-Can the walls stretch that allowing to store a significant amount of fluid. An empty Z-Can folds into a plastic "pancake", which easily fits to the trunk or bag.

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P305+P351+P338  -  P337+P313

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Ordering Information:


Mixing Set Contain : Compact, foldable Z – Can (5L) and Sparkling Wiper Tabs (5 pcs).



Art. ST15205WZ5


Max. Capacity: : 5L. 

Dimensions : 245 × 260 × 85 mm.

Weight : 340 g.

Top Handle: Fixed

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Easy to carry during vacation and when traveling. Easily fits in a glove box or bag, which will be always "at hand".

An essential element in your car’s tool box. Z-Can can withstand drop test from 2m height, 2 times in a row (filled with water).

Z-Can made of elastic material. It does not crack or tear, even in extreme cold.

Zigzag design and a wide spout of Z-Can prevent «gurgling». There is No Gurgling when pouring a liquid.

Made from food-approved polyethylene PE, there is no stink, which is safe for you and environment.

The Z-Can can be used for emergency firefighting. Pour the water into Z-Can and throw it into the fire.

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